Horizons evolving

We make a treasure out of the past, we believe in the present, we create the future.

Steel Group captures the attention of those who love the beautiful things of life and look for style and originality, winning them over with unique but personalized metal realizations. Every aspect of the Steel Group world revolves around the concept of quality: to achieve high-level results, we only use the best materials and value them with state-of-the-art techniques and creativity, within a positive and motivating working environment. The daily passion and commitment of our company and every employee are centered on the customer making him feel special and confident that he has chosen the best. Relationships of trust come from experience, empathy and intuition, a source of extreme attention and care that we show to every single need, and a key element of our success. Our works do not just give customers what they want, but they know how to go beyond, succeeding in shaping ideas into dreams, and embodying indelible traces of their personality. SugarCRM_New-120822

We want to be the point of reference for excellence in the field of metal works in Italy, and then later around the world. A developing company that has guidelines, continuous research, the introduction of new technologies, and pays attention to organizational care. A company that designs and achieves through a constant improvement process, only to offer the most exclusive products and gaining maximum customer satisfaction. A company that is driven by enthusiasm, living with energy, new challenges and evolutions. A company that, thanks to this, is growing and becoming a market leader.

Our values

The essence of a belief, the strength of an inspiration.


Being an ideal workplace, where the one who is part is motivated to give the most, respecting the environment, the rules and principles of work.


If we want a goal to be achieved, all of our energies, actions and resources will be directed toward that goal.

Team Work

Nothing is possible without sharing and cooperation. Even the most elegant of watches, without the perfect harmony of their parts, would never be able to sketch the moments of a lifetime.


The propulsive and disruptive force that drives us every day to engage with heart, mind and soul, grasping the right moments and riding the changes.


Everything we do, is done well. As in a mosaic, the care of every small detail makes the difference and ensures a result.


Guarantee only excellence, anticipating needs and problems with new systems, solutions and products.


Keep our promises. Succeeding consistently means giving added value to what has been maintained, considering the customers and their satisfaction, at the center of every thought and action.

Discover our Team

A large group, a single heart, the same objective.