Steel Group’s metal door and window frames have undergone a twenty-year development process. For all types, we have taken the best of the tradition and combined it with state-of-the-art innovation, design included. Steel Group uses doors and windows with thermal breaks for optimal insulation performance. They are OS2, EBE85, EBE85AS, and 4F1.

Our window and door frames

Our materials

Through time of thousand colors: for projects from the ancient charm and modern technology.

The power of a living material with changing shades: high performance wrapped in extraordinary chromatic evolution.

A steel that points to eternity beyond any challenge and limit: the force of perfection, the pure beauty of linearity.

Great resistance, elegance and eco-sustainability: details and colors that evoke valuable memories, but talk about the future.

Open the doors to the infinite aesthetic possibilities, immerse yourself in styles and variations, or create your own personal project. Give your home the jewels it deserves.