EBE 85 AS: the multi-performance blind
for large sliding
windows and doors

From the innovative EBE 85 door trim system, EBE 85 AS is based on energy efficiency and designed for large windows and large sliding doors. Providing living comfort, insulation from outside atmospheres and respect for the environment are the fundamental goals of this infuse, which includes a variety of materials and accessories, featuring a special retractable motorized system for moving and opening very heavy doors. A window where functionalities and beauty coexist, combining level performance and extreme elegance.

  1. Equal visual encumbrance on the four sides
  2. Housing chamber up to 60mm thick
  3. Integrated chamber for trolley housing
  4. Structural thermal cut in polyurethane and polyamide
  5. Double sealing gasket
  6. Threshold with room for water outflow

Windows and doors

System and performance

Lift and slide is a complete system that incorporates accessories, gaskets and heat-shrinkable profiles with a depth of 85 mm, and allows you to realize sliding doors from one to four large doors and a weight (400 kg). Insulated glass up to 60 mm thick can be installed. A double sealing system on the four sides ensures the best seal of lifting and sliding. Each type is equipped with special retractable interior accessories.

Visual space and variants

The EBE 85 AS can be produced with a section in view of the frames 69 mm or 94 mm.
There are two solutions for the threshold:

  • flat floor without footstep;
  • integrated with the system, including room for water collection and drainage

narrow central node
sez. in view 69 mm

standard central node
sez. in view 94 mm

upper node
h 133 mm

lower node with integrated threshold
h 97-122 mm

Glazing beads EBE 85 AS

Possibility to choose between two variants:



Vitruvio handle

The Vitruvio handles can be made of paintable raw brass, brass polished chrome or polished brass, while the medium version is also made of steel corten. You can also install many of the handles on the market in the system.

sliding stainless steel handlebar

sliding lifting brass handle


The sliding lift is equipped with an integrated automation that allows electric lifting of doors up to 400kg.

Our materials

Through time of thousand colors: for projects from the ancient charm and modern technology.

The power of a living material with changing shades: high performance wrapped in extraordinary chromatic evolution.

A steel that points to eternity beyond any challenge and limit: the force of perfection, the pure beauty of linearity.

Great resistance, elegance and eco-sustainability: details and colors that evoke valuable memories, but talk about the future.