SISTEMA ACCIAIO: the frame is cold
small profiles
and great performance

The cold steel frames are ideal for doors and windows with large glazed surfaces where it is essential to have a sturdy metal frame, but small in size. Although not thermal cut, it guarantees good insulation performance thanks to special glass that reduces heat dispersion. Stainless Steel doors and windows are used in restorations, to reproduce the intersecting of subtle uprights and transversals, and in contemporary large windows that require high technological performance. Its performance has been tested by the best European certification laboratories according to EN14351-1.

  1. Glazing beads
  2. Housing chamber up to 40mm thick
  3. Housing for hardware
  4. Open joint with double sealing gasket
  5. Internal and external complexity

Windows and door

System and performance

Steel Window and Door System is a complete system that integrates non-insulated accessories, gaskets and profiles, with a depth of 55 and / or 63.5 mm for the windows, and 55 mm for the doors, and which allows to produce rectangular, shaped or curved versions. Insulating glass can have a thickness up to 40 mm.

Complementary door and frame profiles with closed locking system and double sealing gasket or internal overhang door profiles with open joint jumper and double gasket sealing system, guarantee an excellent seal of the windows. For doors there is a double jumper on three sides and an automatic guillotine gasket under the socket.

Each type is equipped with special interior accessories, also available with retractable latches.

Visual space and variants

The Steel Window System can be made in two versions:

  • internal overhang and outer complanarity with 85 mm section;
  • with internal and external complanarity with 81 mm section.

The Steel Door System complanar internal and external. The solution with the welded hinge has a lateral section of 106 mm. In the case of three-wing or retractable hinges, the side section is 131 mm.

lower/lateral knot complanar
sect. in view 81 mm

central node complanar
sect. in view 101 mm

lower/lateral node overgrowth
sect. in view 85 mm

reduced lateral node
sect. in view 106 mm

side node
sect. in view 131 mm

centrale knot
sect. in view 151 mm

small base socket
sect. in view 90 mm

base socket
sect. in view 140 mm

Steel Glazing Bead System

Possibility to choose between two variants:



Vitruvio handle

The Vitruvio handles can be made of paintable raw brass, brass polished chrome or polished brass, while the medium version is also made of steel corten. You can also install many of the handles on the market in the system.

DK stainless steel 5056
h.135 | d.20 mm

DK round trunk
h.116 | d.15 mm

DK round sphere
h.116 | l.15 mm

DK square trunk
h.116 | d.15 mm

Stainless steel 5002
h.150 | d.20 mm

round trunk
h.116 | d.15 mm

round sphere
h.116 | l.15 mm

square trunk
h.116 | d.15 mm


The overlapping A / R hinges are adjustable and made of zinc plated steel and painted with powder, with colored plastic covers. A / R hinges and two and three winged hinges are supplied in shiny stainless steel, brushed scotch or brushed brass.

AR complanar
h.85 | d.14 mm

AR overlap
h.85 | d.15 mm

with 2 complanar wings
h. 126 | d.13 mm

with 3 complanar wings
h. 82 | d.14 mm

to weld 5001
h.145 | d.20 mm

with 3 complanar wings
h.130 | d.120 mm


Our materials

Through time of thousand colors: for projects from the ancient charm and modern technology.

The power of a living material with changing shades: high performance wrapped in extraordinary chromatic evolution.

A steel that points to eternity beyond any challenge and limit: the force of perfection, the pure beauty of linearity.

Great resistance, elegance and eco-sustainability: details and colors that evoke valuable memories, but talk about the future.