A building defies time, which is why Steel Group’s structural work strives to be immortal, creating facades free of obstructions and full of visual expression. Like for a work of art that can survive through the centuries only if it is properly protected and valued, building facades also need care taken to avoid all sources of possible deterioration. Steel Group designs and builds claddings for structures that keep on telling a story, reflect personalities and represent their eras. Fresh, original materials, colours, processes and finishes are carefully chosen to banish design limitations and restraint to achieve pure, free expression. Inserting insulating material or using an air gap between the wall and slab within the structure, is excellent insulation against weather conditions and optimize energy efficiency. Innovative materials and technology on the outside create a striking visual effect and render every project a small masterpiece of style and function. Steel Group always seeks new horizons of exclusivity and does not stop at cladding facades. Our experience and expertise also apply to interior panelling, where high-class design meets timelessly elegant style. All our metal claddings are 0.5 mm thick and can fit to the shape and dimension of any wall, facade or building. We mostly use zinc, copper, brass, architectural bronze, aluminium, nickel, iron and tin, but others are available. We believe that metal is a living matter, something that changes through the years, and this gives us the opportunity to add special ageing treatments, such as rust, opalescence and oxidation.

Coating Materials

Explore the potential of unfettered design and discover the techniques by which Steel Group brings to life facades that live up to the most ambitious visions.