Even just the words “living units” can start us dreaming. These poetic refuges escape the bounds of time and take us far away from everything, yet right by our homes. They still have the same allure that has made them beloved over the centuries, first as Orangerie then as greenhouses and ultimately as just a place to relax. Concealed sections and large windows give fresh expression to essential qualities like transparency, brightness and lightness and meet the highest standards of acoustic and thermal insulation. Steel Group’s living units are a union of comfort and eco-sustainability Being able to choose and customize materials, colours, accessories, and styles can give an answer to any need and let a space express any identity. The past comes back to life with modern flair, offering the perfect combination of style, privacy and insulation to respect the environment. Living units expand any building’s liveable space, forging a special connection between inside and outside to enjoy all year long. Homes blend with the nature around them. Time slows down. Total relaxation. The dream goes on.




Realize your space outside of time, your oasis just a step away from home.
Discover all the possibilities for customizing your living unit and start dreaming.